twasnme - Strar Trek: Enterprise

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Source: Blu-Ray discs
Video: Untouched 1920x1080
Audio: Untouched English 5.1
Subtitles: None
Metadata: Cover art, episode info
Container: Matroska

Some boring semi-technical stuff:

This is the second iteration of this torrent: I removed the first upload because I recently managed to come across the European box set - the previous was made from the US edition which had a serious flaw on the first disk, where the HD-MA extension did not decode properly in (at least) one of the English DTS streams (Some of the resulting FLACs were also huge, almost as big as the DTS-HD MA, whereas any other lossless method should compress at least 10-20% better than DTS-HD or TRUE-HD, due to the crappy algorithms the proprietary lossless BD codecs use). This has also been pointed out to me by another user, but up until now, I had no way of checking.

Anyway, this one has been remuxed all over again, and all the FLACs sox-tested on independent channels (Pk lev dB and RMS Pk dB against infinity). End result: no proprietary DTS-HD MA, just lovely bit-perfect FLAC, as with the rest of the stuff I share

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