SiDEBIAN Live OS 64-bit multi-arch + Tools (11.24.2017)

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SiDEBIAN Live OS 64-bit multi-arch + Tools ISO (with persistence)
by SiDEUS Technologies
64-bit OS with multi-arch capabilities

What is included:
READ ME text file
SiDEBIAN Live OS 64-bit multi-arch ISO (with persistence)
Rufus USB Tool 2.18

You can purchase our performance computers and pre-install devices at

Boot time and performance depends on the system and performance capabilities of your hardware and USB specifications and quality, PLEASE BE PATIENT on first boot.

Fully functional operating system
Will boot on a computer with failing hard drives.
Ability to boot a computer to recover files from a failing hard drive.
Many software packages and tools are included.

SiDEBIAN Live OS is a distribution blend built off of Debian 9 GNU/Linux (stretch).
It is a fully functional operating system able to boot from USB.  It updates from the stable branch as opposed to strech, so it is a rolling distribution.
It is setup with a specific set of packages that will allow the user to have everything they have in a Windows operating system and then some.  It also comes with Oracle Virtual Box and guest additions pre-installed to make adding your own Windows 10 installation a breeze (please see notes below)

This SiDEBIAN ISO will install and be fully functional on 16 GB USB.
SiDEBIAN Live OS uses approximately 11 GB of the USB you intend to use. In the tutorial are instructions to expand the OS to use the full capacity of the USB you are using.
Installing Windows 10 in a virtual box on the USB you are using requires a minimum 128 GB USB 3.0 drive.
You can however, move the virtual box hard drive file to a hard drive already in your computer and it works perfectly.

For Windows 10 in a Virtual Box
Sorry but your Windows 10 key is required.
Minimum 4 GB RAM
Minimum 64-bit 4 core processor
For performance reasons a minimum of a 128 GB USB 2.0, 3.0 is best for this to function with Windows 10 running in a Virtual Box from this USB.


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