The Secret Underground Lectures of Commander X - roflcopter2110

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The Secret Underground Lectures of Commander X - roflcopter2110

The Secret Underground Lectures of Commander X MP4 - roflcopter2110.mp4 - 1h 28min 540 x 360

Commander X is a retired military intelligence official who was one of the first agents recruited for the CIA's top secret remote viewing project. Upon his retirement, Commander X decided that the world needed to know the fantastic truth. This is his secret lecture given in the hope of awakening the public. He covers mind control, revealing the existence of a supercomputer and satellite which track microchips in people, and which can insert voices, thoughts and images into people's heads. In fact, everyone has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency which can be tracked (by the NSA), and so electromagnetic signals can be sent to anyone - the frequency band chosen for cell phones is the same as used for mind control transmissions. Other subjects covered are UFOs, Nazis in South America and Antarctica, wars over alien artifacts and the joint government/alien underground base at Dulce (New Mexico) with actual pictures! Our very freedom of thought is being attacked.

The only defense is getting enough people to know the truth. 

Start by informing yourself.

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