Markus Welz SpotOnTheMouse v2.7.3

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Markus Welz SpotOnTheMouse v2.7.3

What is it?
SpotOnTheMouse is a mouse pointer and keyboard action visualization software.

How does it work?
It makes mouse clicks visible (highlight).
It improves the perceptibility of the mouse pointer (spotlight).
It shows the special keys and combinations of keys pressed on the keyboard.

Who needs it?
Everyone who presents or teaches software to other people. 

For example:
Software marketing and sales personnel.
You don't have to tell your audience things like "click there with the right mouse button" all the time any more.
They can see what you are doing with the mouse.
The scope of SpotOnTheMouse goes far beyond teaching. It can also be useful for:
Visually handicapped people.
The cross hair helps you to find the mouse pointer.
People who are having difficulties in learning to handle the mouse.
The visual feedback reinforces the learning process.
Presentation software (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress).
Use SpotOnTheMouse as an additional tool for pointing on your slides with the mouse. The clicks will remain visible for a few seconds.
Graphics software (e.g. Gimp, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro).
The cross hair helps you to accurately position the tools.
Reading long texts.
Sometimes your eyes miss the line when reading texts with long lines on the screen. Just underline your current reading position with the cross hair

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