The Real Truth - Part 10 - Aliens - Fallen Angels - Demons - UFO

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The Real Truth - Part 10 - Aliens - Fallen Angels - Demons - UFOs  DVD

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  The Nephilim of Genesis 6 are still being created by the fallen angels. UFOs, Aliens,proof of life on Mars, popular culture's obsession with Star Trek and more recently the Cydonia pyramid and sphinx --- these elements are all partof the rebel angels' plan to deceive even the Elect. This page hopes to clarify who is denoted by Elohim, and Benai Elohim, cherubim, seraphim, the rebel angel's hybrid creations the Nephilim, and the common notion that Ezekiel's encounter with the "wheels" and the "living creatures" was a UFO SIGHTING. While the extraterrestrial beings who pilot UFOs are indeed mentioned in the Bible, Ezekiel and the prophets did not confuse these"aliens"-- the rebel angels -- with God's own angelic messengers.

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