Autodesk Land Desktop & Civil Design 2005

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Autodesk Land Desktop and Civil Design 2005

Autodesk Land Desktop is a land development design tool for the AutoCAD environment built around a centralized product structure that stores critical data—points,
terrain models and alignments—in a central location where they can be shared by team members. Users benefit from tools that create and label survey points, 
define and edit parcels and roadway alignments, automate drafting procedures, create terrain models and calculate volumes and contours.

Installation and activation guide :

1. Run as admin and extract from the .exe extractor into a prefered folder
2. Run the software setup as admin and begin installation (initially install with the 000-00000000 code)
3. After installing, if you have a later version of Windwows (7,8,10 or later) you should always run the software as admin because otherwise it won't run (not needed in XP)
4. Open the software and choose the offline method of activation
5. Run the keygen from the keygen folder inside the extracted folder or from the separate zip (both the same)
6. Copy and paste the request code from the offline Autodesk activator to the keygen (make sure you don't forget copy-pasting it all or the keygen won't show a thing)
7. Change the activation code 000-00000000 to whatever you want, then paste the activation code from the keygen and you're done
8. Block the application(s) .exe from connecting to the internet (Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Advanced Settings)
9. Ignore the checking license (wait some seconds before) and license not recognized thing, as the product is lifetime active (Check Help > About Autodesk Product > Product Information)

Extras :

1. Make application always run as admin : Click Properties (on desktop shortcut) go to Compatibility and select 'Run this program as an administrator' (Apply, then OK)
2. Disable connection to the internet (from step 8) : Select Inbound Rules and then create New Rule then follow below :
[Program > Path (browse from C:Program Files (x86)Land Desktop 2005acad.exe) > Block the connection > Next > Put a name on the rule and save]
3. Switching from Land to Civil to Map : Right click on the empty space below File, Edit etc on the right then Land > Menu Palettes (Drag the small command menu where you see fit)

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