Moonshot (2009)

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"Moonshot (film)

Written by	Tony Basgallop
Directed by	Richard Dale
Starring	James Marsters, Andrew Lincoln
Country of origin	United Kingdom
Original language	English
Producer	Tim Goodchield
Running time	79 minutes
Original release	2009

Moonshot is a 2009 television film depicting the story leading up to the landing of Apollo 11 on the surface of the Moon on 20 July 1969.[1]

James Marsters as Buzz Aldrin
Andrew Lincoln as Michael Collins
Ursula Burton as Marilyn Lovell
Daniel Lapaine as Neil Armstrong
William Hope as Psychologist
Anna Maxwell Martin as Janet Armstrong
Colin Stinton as Bob Gilruth
Michael J. Reynolds as Gene Aldrin
Nigel Whitmey as Deke Slayton
Richard Dillane as Tom Stafford
Ian Porter as Bill Anders

The film utilizes actual footage taken during the time period known as the Space Race."

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