Classic Rock UK - January 2018 (gnv64)

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Classic Rock UK - January 2018
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27 2017: The Year
In Rock - The best albums, the best tracks and interviews with some of the artists who made them. We look at the best records the rock world gave us, and the people we lost from it, over the past 12 months, including…
28 Albums Of The Year - Whether from legends, established stars or new rockers on the block, the past 12 months have seen the release of some outstanding albums across all genres. Including…
32 Marilyn Manson - His new record, life, death, and painting with piss. Ew…
36 Von Hertzen Brothers Working on their latest album prevented them from quitting.
42 Anathema - Hard work, preparation and how attention to detail paid off.
50 Tony Iommi - Never give up. Ghosts exist. The 90s weren’t fun. … The Black Sabbath guitarist on what his eventful life has taught him.
54 Marillion - Steve Hogarth looks back over a busy and successful 2017 and forward to exploring new horizons and visiting familiar ground.
58 2017 Playlist - No time to listen to the 50 best albums? Then try the less labour-intensive best 50 tracks of the year.
62 Cats In Space - Looking to bring some much-needed fun back into rock’n’roll.
64 Queen - Doctor Brian May on his “just out of this world” year.
67 Guns N’ Roses - It was the year the reunited GN’R finally got back in the ring with British fans. Knockout?
68 Joe Elliott - The Leppard frontman on how his adventure continues.
70 Those who left us - Gone, but never to be forgotten.
72 Walter Trout - What did the bluesman buy when we took him vinyl shopping?
76 The Professionals - Former Pistol Paul Cook’s latest line-up are back, giving it another go and “having a bit of fun”.

12 The Dirt - Ozzy Osbourne, GN’R and Avenged Sevenfold confirmed as Download headliners, and the Prince Of Darkness announces his farewell tour; photographer Alec Byrne’s forgotten archive resurrected for new book and exhibition… Welcome back Warrior Soul, Peter Hammill and Mabel Greer’s Toyshop… Say hello to Palaye Royale and The Texas Gentlemen, say goodbye to George Young, Phil Miller,Fats Domino…
19 Raw Power - Looking for the ultimate aural experience? Then the £8,999 oBravo earphones might be just what your lugholes need.
22 The Stories BehindThe Songs - The Byrds So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star is a 60s classic. And if you saw the band live in ’65 you might even be on it!
24 Q&A Bill Bailey - The rock’n’roll comedian talks punk, hens, having a good work ethic and playing Light My Fire at a cremation.

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