Classic Pop - November + December 2017 (gnv64)

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Classic Pop - November + December 2017
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A-HA 24 Paul Lester meets the Norwegian trio who are back and unplugged
THE LOWDOWN: KATE BUSH 34 We look back over the career of the ethereal art-pop sensation
SANANDA MAITREYA 38 Following the release of Prometheus & Pandora, John Drake meets the enigmatic star formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby
CLASSIC ALBUM: SADE 44 Classic Pop celebrates the singer’s stylish debut album Diamond Life
KEVIN GODLEY 50 Wyndham Wallace talks to the prolific musician turned video director
SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR 58 We take a trip Down Under to toast to the wide range of music from Australia
POP ART: JOHN WARWICKER 64 We examine the art of the celebrated designer John Warwicker
DEBBIE GIBSON 72 David Burke talks to the all-American 80s golden girl of pop
MARK RANKIN 80 The top producer and engineer tells Andy Jones about capturing some of the biggest pop moments of recent years
MIKE GARSON 82 David Bowie’s long-serving pianist speaks to Richard Purden about working with the iconic star

TEARS FOR FEARS 26 Rudy Bolly talks to Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith about the elusive duo’s past, present and future
CLASSIC ALBUM: SONGS FROM THE CHAIR 36 Classic Pop celebrates Tears For Fears’ best-selling 1985 sophomore album
DURAN DURAN 42 We check out a new book of unseen photographs that charts the rise of the pop superstars
WHITNEY HOUSTON 48 David Burke looks back at the incredible recording career of the much-missed pop diva in The Lowdown
HAPPY MONDAYS 52 We talk to Shaun Ryder, Mark Day and Rowetta of the Madchester legends about the band’s rise, fall and rebirth
NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 60 Join us as we remember the Now compilation series phenomenon
POP ART: BRUCE GILL 66 Andrew Dineley chats to the celebrated designer about his Green Ink studio
CHINA CRISIS 74 Andy Jones puts the questions to Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon in a game of Mr & Mrs
BLOW MONKEYS 82 The Blow Monkeys’ main man Dr Robert talks to Douglas McPherson

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