Star Trek - The Next Generation

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Star Trek: The Next Generation (all 7 seasons)

ISOs of untouched PAL DVDs

Video:          PAL DVD9 (untouched)
Audio:          DD 5.1 English
                DD 2.0 German, Spanish, French, Italian,
Substitles:     Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish
Source:         Original Retail Disc
Tools:          Anydvd, ImgBurn

This is a fusion of the 7 torrents created and uploaded by kef71 and wormman.
Since the hard drives are big enough these days, I think it's reasonable to merge the seven seasons into one torrent, since one big torrent won't die as easy as one of the seven parts can do. Furthermore the load of the seeders will be better used and I hope that the average speed of the whole series will increase.

Big thanks to kef71 and wormman for the original upload!

Note: I created the checksums *after* the download because unfortunately there were no checksums in the original torrents.

Sorry, I forgot to include the MDS files from the original torrents. Since I don't plan to burn them on DVD, they are useless for me. I advise against burning them on DVD since storing the ISOs on HDD is safer, cheaper and takes less space than 48 DVDs. But if you still want to burn them, here are the files (both archives contain the same files):

I recommend to enable DHT and encryption in your torrent client.
Please help me seeding and don't "snatch & leave". Please seed at least for a few days.

BTW: I plan to create similar torrents (untouched PAL DVD ISOs) for Enterprise and TOS as well.

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