Modern Marvels

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I offer for your enjoyment what I have collected of the TV Series Modern Marvels, 475 episodes ~177GB. MOAT(Mother of All Torrents)

In a collection this size mistakes do creep in, so there might be a duplicate or two, sorry. There also might be an episode or two that is not a modern marvels(maybe it should be). Most of these episodes are ripped by others, but some(maybe 60 or so) are my own rips.

The list of contributors is too numerous to list, you all know who you are anyway. I have removed all naming conventions that designate who or where the file originated only for easy of organization in use with a NMTYAMJ and The particular organization used in this torrent works extremely well with XBMC,YAMJ,etc. I have strived to retain the best quality episode from all the numerous source episodes that I have run across.

There *will* be interruptions to my seeding, in fact maybe long interruptions. Be patient, this will be fully seeded over time, I guarantee this.

If you have any missing episodes please upload them for the rest of the community.

I would be extremely happy to have the following posted some time if someone has them, thanks.

Tennessee Valley Authority
Nuclear Tech
Captured Light( the modern marvels episode on the camera, might be called "still photography", "the Camera", whatever)
Liberty Ships
The Challenger Tank
The Horse
The Car Wash
The Hancock Towers

Please contribute any modern marvels you have, not just the ones I have asked for, I want them all.


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