PS2 Classic on PS3 (pkg install) Pack 01

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Made of my own ps2 collection of iso's

Copy exdata folder with rap file/files to the right usb drive slot.
Install reActPSN
make a user "aa" and run reActPSN icon, the console will restart and the rap files will be reg.
then installe the pkg files of the games! some of them will have to transfer the ISO.BIN.ENC file via FTP to the game folder after installation of the pkg! becores of the limit of 4gb on usb flash drives..

Play the game!!!

I have a 40mbit upload!

But plz seed!!!

Game list.
PS2 - 1945 I & II (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)-[SLES51741]
PS2 - Action Girlz Racing (Europe)-[SLES52956]
PS2 - Action Man A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines-[SLES54617]
PS2 - Age of Empires II - Age of Kings-[SLES50282]
PS2 - Burnout 3 - Takedown-[SLUS21050]
PS2 - Burnout Revenge-[SLES53507] FTP
PS2 - Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1-[SLES53661]
PS2 - Capcom Fighting Evolution-[SLUS20950]
PS2 - Capcom Fighting Jam-[SLES52854]
PS2 - Colinmcrae 2005-[SLES52636] FTP
PS2 - Crash Bandicoot - Crash Of The Titans-[SLES54841]
PS2 - Crazy Taxi-[SLES50215]
PS2 - Disney Pixar Finding Nemo-[SLES51872] (Europe) (Sv,No,Da) FTP
PS2 - Disney's Jungle Book - Groove Party-[SLES50045] (Dansk) FTP
PS2 - Disney's Treasure Planet-[SCES51177]
PS2 - DJ - Decks & FX - House Edition-[SCES52405DJ] (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,No,Da)
PS2 - DOGZ-[SLES54948] FTP
PS2 - Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel-[SLES51525]
PS2 - Fight Night Round 2-[SLUS21161]
PS2 - Friends - The One with All the Trivia-[SLES53761]
PS2 - From russia with love-[SLES53553] FTP
PS2 - Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas-[SLUS20946]FTP
PS2 - GTA 3-[SLES50330] FTP
PS2 - GTA San Andres Rio de Janeiro-[SLES52541] FTP
PS2 - GTA Vice city-[SLUS20552] FTP
PS2 - Hello Kitty - Roller Rescue-[SLES53509]
PS2 - Hitman - Contracts-[SLES52132]
PS2 - Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin-[SLUS20374] FTP
PS2 - Hugo Bukkazoom-[SLES52102]
PS2 - Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs-[SLES55487] FTP
PS2 - LEGO Batman-[SLES55135]
PS2 - Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude-[SLES52641]
PS2 - Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne-[SLES52256]
PS2 - Max Payne-[SLES50326] FTP
PS2 - Micro Machines-[SLES50820] FTP
PS2 - Midway Arcade Treasures-[SLES51927] FTP
PS2 - Mortal Kombat - Shaolin Monks-[SLES53524]
PS2 - Need for Speed - Underground 2-[SLES52725] FTP
PS2 - Need for Speed Underground-[SLES51967]
PS2 - Quake III Revolution-[SLES50126]
PS2 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Operation Resurrection-[SLES51449]
PS2 - Rumble Roses-[SLUS20970]
PS2 - Silent Hill - Origins 3-[SLUS21731]
PS2 - Simpsons Game, The-[SLES54904] (Europe) (En,No,Da,Fi) FTP
PS2 - Sly 2 - Band of Thieves-[SCES52529] (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi) FTP
PS2 - SNES + roms-[SNESEMULA] Sort skærm
PS2 - Soldier of Fortune - Gold Edition-[SLES50739]
PS2 - Tekken Tag-[PBPX95201]
PS2 - The Thing-[SLES50975]
PS2 - Tomb Raider Anniversary-[SLUS21555] FTP
PS2 - Tomb Raider Legend-[SLUS21203]


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