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Hello World, One to Many.

I can rebel only for myself. 

I can rebel for no other. 

While I cannot do everything.

I can do this. 

Surprise motherfuckers. 

60GB of Radical Consciousness organized into Direct Action, Fiction Maybe, and Radical Politics. An entire library for curious minds to ask curious questions in private. I hope that – like all the truly great revolutionaries that have come before – you find that book that sets fire to your mind. That you find what you need to keep fighting the Quest to be what you were meant to be - free and independent.

For the Data Angels, this is a Data Love Op. General metas:

1. Shift and secure vulnerable radical libraries P2P. Initially we should use the public swarms as a scaffolding; but seek to ultimately shift the libraries towards the various darknets.
2. If you are bandwidth poor, then find a friend to sneak it via encrypted USB. 
3. Open access to radical wiki citations so that more nodes can meaningfully grow with our crowdsource conversations. 
4. Storm the conversation superstructure with more common sense. Our Worlds change based on the heart-to-heart conversations of one friend to another. 
5. Open another front of resistance against the systematic boundaries of the Corporate State. The prize of participation is the awakening of Hivemind Consciousness. We play for a network 2bn nodes and growing.

(Should be noted, the Hivemind always crushes. So it is expected that the collection falls inadequate. Considers this just a chunk to start things. Don't complain – destroy-create. Hint: When 128GB USBs become cheap and/or Gigabit bandwidth spreads, we should add Cryptome archives and all of Ghost in a Shell.)

(Never quite enough time. Thought it would be interesting to add a sub to hive and a browsable booklist. I guess self-organize or die. Good luck everyone! Do your best! Even if it might take time, we will not abandon this seed. If you stay with it, you will get it!)


1. Power is shifting from the connected to the curious.
2. Power is shifting from those with access to those who understand.
3. Information cannot flow efficiently via a price mechanism as inequality increases. The efficient point is increasingly outside the price mechanism. The gap will be closed one way or another.
4. There is an information boundary to what can be computed via property rights as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. 
5. Giving all property to the State is not an abolition of property.
6. Global warming is a special case of a more general problem.
7. Hivemind bruteforce the solution.
8. The spectrum nature of the collection is not to make everyone happy; but instead, to give everyone a headache. Whether by deepening their understanding or shattering it. 
9. Two people can hold the same ideas and yet one will breath liberated air while the other still suffocates in slavery. It matters little whether you move left, right, up or down along the political definitions. Let your mind change and catch the drift. Then break open to reality. The first fight is to liberate your mind. 
10. We are not the 99%, we are one.
11. Compassion is the logical conclusion.

I Am What I Am

We Are What We Are

It's a conversation baby

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